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Your Jamie Bamber Related Mid Week Pick My Up Post
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: March 14th, 2013 03:43 am (UTC) (Link Me)
Honestly, I feel like I need all the GIFs to deal with this post. It's time for a GIF purge.

RATINGS.(I know JR's funeral helped, but still...)

That's an impressive jump, regardless, and there's a good chance they can keep some of it if some of those were new viewers.

ON THE OTHER HAND... @&#!&^$%!, TNT. (There are no words.)

Also in "things I saw today": A tweet from someone asking the MM Twitter account why the hell they aren't showing previews of next week's episode as a teaser ('cause, you know, THAT HELPS); and a Tumblr post from a girl saying if she knew Jamie had a new show she would have been watching it weeks ago. (Repeat Loki facepalm GIF here.)

(EDIT: I feel like I should add this in an attempt to play devil's advocate, and because based on my own experiences at my job getting things approved from big corporate entities it may be true: There's a possibility that TNT keeps such a tight leash on social media that the text of every tweet or post needs to be approved by three or four people before it goes up, which could have contributed to the delay in announcing Jamie. It's a maddeningly counterproductive way to manage social media, but so many big companies work that way. Still, they could have offset a situation like that by at least following him to indicate they aren't asleep at the wheel. :P )

Agree 100% on the analysis of Fred's pilot, etc. Frankly it would be foolish for the cast not to look at all their options; I'm sure whatever the outlook is for this UK show Jamie may be doing (fingers crossed we get news on that soon!), he's probably looking elsewhere too. But it's definitely not over until the proverbial voluptous ladyperson, you know. ;) (TNT is stockpiling an arsenal of new content - the Darabont pilot still doesn't have a date, does it?! - but truly, who knows about the rest. I'd like to see Amy Berg's pilot make it, mostly because she's awesome. Otherwise...)

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