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Martian Hari

'Monday Mornings' Episode Discussion Thread 1x07: "One Fine Day"

In keeping with the "getting this post up before I jam home through a Monday commute and try to get settled in time for the LIVE TWEETING, waheeyyyyy!" theme of late - here's your discussion thread for Monday Mornings Episode 7! Which is where this pic (above) is actually from! And for which Jamie and Jen will again be live-tweeting at 7P Pacific / 10P Eastern during the East Coast feed; Sarayu's gonna handle the West Coast feed again at 10P. There's all kinds of action they're teasing already ;) so fingers crossed it'll be a fun night; head back here and post your comments afterward! (p.s. for kim_j_8472's benefit: It's the Mario Van Peebles-directed episode!)

In the meantime, 411 Mania posted a pretty great interview with Jamie that includes some discussion of what's coming up on the show, including Ioan Gruffudd's guest spot (which is NEXT WEEK *flaaaaail!*) and more. Well worth a read. (Also I think we've lost count of every time he's brought up the superiority of the U.S. catering on set. *chortle* You're adorable, dude.)

Also in the news today: Jamie's verified on Twitter. What's the social media version of the Mexican wave? Everybody do that. ;)
Tags: tv: monday mornings
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