Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

'Monday Mornings' Episode Stills: 1x08, "Truth or Consequences"

Hurrah, new pics from Episode 8 of Monday Mornings! We think; hopefully TNT didn't goof the ep attribution this time. One way to know for sure would be if Ioan Gruffudd were in any of them and he's not - BOOURNS! We'll have to wait for Monday for Dr. Horatio's reveal, but for now Archie Kennedy M.D. is looking pretty damn fine up there. ;) More images of the other cast members are at TNT's Newsroom; another Jamie shot from next week +  a couple from previous episodes that we only recently uncovered are after the jump...

Tags: photos: monday mornings, tv: monday mornings

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