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"The Smoke" Casting News + more...

So because TV Wise's original post about Jamie's casting in The Smoke indicated that we should expect a full casting announcement in 2-3 weeks, we held off posting the additional casting news hoping we'd have a full press release to report shortly. As of this morning, nothing on Sky1's press site yet... but the news hit Deadline and other press outlets today, and since I have the day off I thought I'd take advantage of having the time to post! So here's the casting news that you already know if you follow JBN on Twitter: Two additional cast members for the show reported by TV Wise, and a third in Deadline today:

- Pippa Bennett-Warner has a rather impressive CV, including among other things Caroline, or Change and playing Cordelia to Derek Jacobi's Lear.

- Rhashan Stone is best known for Strike Back, though he's also been in numerous stage productions and done quite a bit of comedy. (He's also, for those of you who like to keep tabs on the UK thesp community, Mr. Olivia Williams.)

(And yes, they were both in that photo with Jamie from their fire training; at this point, who knows, could be that was TV Wise's tip-off as well!)

There's also Taron Egerton whose CV is short but he just graduated RADA last year, so give him time. ;)

In other news related to the show, though we won't make a habit of copying over every single thing Jamie tweets (it's not all news ;) ), this one is actually more than just amusing:

Aye?! Maybe there's a LOT more going on in this show that we aren't aware of yet. (Unless he needed a dance belt for a crotch-endangering stunt or something? NO idea. *chortle*)

(Also, latest reports have the show airing early next year, not later this year. Aw, nuts.)
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