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Golf Live Celebrity Cup 2013 (Or: How Can One Comm Deal With Such Golf?! - Welsh Countryside Edition

Photo credit: Keith Duffy

This is the weekend that Jamie is representing his mum's homeland in the Golf Live Celebrity Cup, which means only one thing: GOLF!SPAM incoming. Or we hope so, at some point; so far, not many pics of Jamie although there are lots from the event on the wires. Sort out your priorities, photogs. ;) Though for a change, we've actually got a photo from Jamie this time, as well as his Ireland teammates Brian Ormond and Keith Duffy.

Will update this post if more photos turn up, so check back later; in the meantime, more after the cut (Including one of Ioan Gruffudd teeing off for Team Wales; of course we're scanning the wires for red jumpers, too. ;) )

(FYI the tournament score card is here. Jamie's tweeting rather excitably about his progress, which is worth a look. Won both his matches today, so well done JB. Now if only we could get him to tweet updates like this about filming on The Smoke... XD)

Photo credit: Jamie Bamber

Photo credit: Brian Ormond

Photo credit: WENN

EDIT #1: Couple more of Ioan from WENN; check the comments below for some featuing Jamie that asta77 found. ;)

Photo credit: WENN

Photo credit: WENN

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