Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity" is Now Online!

The premiere full episode of lovingly crafted (that Enterprise bridge - damn! Accurate!!) webseries Star Trek Continues entitled "Pilgrim of Eternity", in which Jamie appears in a cameo as Crewman Simone, premiered at Phoenix Comicon earlier today... and is now available to watch online! Since we want to give them the traffic, click on the screenshot of Jamie below to head to to watch the episode:

Will we add another notch to the Bamber Onscreen Death Totem? You have to watch and find out... obviously, he's not wearing a red shirt in that screenshot. OR IS HE? Who knows what's going on inside that boiler suit? ;)

UPDATE 6/2/13: The official Star Trek Continues Facebook page as well as actress Michele Specht have posted some BTS shots of Jamie; they are spoilery so click the cut to check them out:

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