The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Two New Convention Appearances

In the past week, Jamie has added two conventions appearances to his schedule. :)

An Evening with Jamie Bamber will take place August 24th, at 6pm, in Bonn, Germany. The English portion of the website is not up yet, but from what I can make out from the German portion the typical convention events of a Q&A, autograph session and photo op will take place. After the official events there is a dinner, which it seems Jamie may attend.

Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days is happening October 4-6 at the Irving Convention Center. In addition to Jamie, Katee Sackhoff is scheduled to appear. And with the current guest announcements being only "Wave 1" it's possible more BSG folks could be added.

Now for our usual con disclaimer: As always, convention appearances are subject to Jamie's availability. Should he be cast in a new project, he may have to cancel.
Tags: convention: an evening with jamie, convention: bsg, convention: dallas comic con

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