Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

More On-Set Pics From Jamie For "The Smoke"!


He's gettin' the hang of this, kids!: Jamie tweeted some on-set pics from The Smoke today, including this rather excellent line-up above with his fellow fire-fightin' cast members. Can't wait! (By the way, yesterday appears to have been a press day on set with various publications, including TV Choice and Time Out having tweeted about visiting, though none of them shared any photos other than the breathing masks they had to wear! A BSkyB photographer also tweeted about shooting publicity stills yesterday; fingers crossed we *might* get to see some actual promo out of the network soon, though I doubt it'll begin in earnest for several more months yet.)

He also tweeted another photo today, which I'm just going to republish in its entirety because you are such a dork, Bamber. *chortling with hearts in my eyes* ;) ....

REALLY, Jamie.

Bonus Pic: This is a couple of weeks old actually, but in case anyone missed it... here's Jamie and his own dear ma on set at Olympic Park. Aww:

(All photos - except the gratuitous Charles Dance GIF from a deliberately unspecified 80's guilty pleasure
but if you know what film it is I'll boop you on the nose - are by Jamie Bamber. ;) )
Tags: photos: the smoke, twitter

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