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More On-Set Pics From Jamie For "The Smoke"!
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: September 4th, 2013 03:37 am (UTC) (Link Me)
Isn't Jodie extraordinary in Broadchurch?! I've been a fan for some time (she's excellent in Attack the Block, too), but WOW. The rampage in the hotel pub, for a start. Fierce. ;) I was delighted when they announced she was cast.

Yes, please do share the interview! We're always happy to post or repost older interviews, appearances, etc. when they turn up for folks who may not have been a fan of Jamie's at the time.

Re: The Smoke on BBCA: It's certainly possible. As with Broadchurch and LOUK it's a Kudos production, and I'm hoping that connection helps it get picked up here where a lot of Sky's other dramas so far have not; Mad Dogs, for example, which I reeeeally need to catch up on hasn't found a U.S. home, despite starring John Simm & Philip Glenister (Life On Mars was well received here.) Strike Back did eventually end up on Cinemax. I have to say, though, that part of me really hopes it lands somewhere else because BBCA continue, infuriatingly, to edit most imported shows. And not for content necessarily, but so that they can cram more ads in. Even Broadchurch, which aired on ITV and thus had commercial breaks already, was trimmed for MORE ads on BBCA. :( (BBCA On Demand airs unedited eps, but obviously not all subscribers have that option.) I would absolutely love it if The Smoke landed on Netflix, as The Fall did earlier this year, or even Hulu where a lot of UK series are getting exclusive, complete and uncut runs.

FYI for anyone who no longer watches LOUK--Ronnie's grandson is named "Matthew". The memory of our Mattie lives on!

Oh, great. Thanks for that.


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