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Martian Hari

First Teaser Trailer & Footage From 'The Smoke!'

(Click to enlarge)

It's here!: Well, at least a 30 second teaser and a few more excellent glimpses of it. ;) Sky Drama held a big press conference today to launch their upcoming slate, including The Smoke (Jamie was in attendance; you can get some highlights on our Twitter feed, though I'm sure we'll have more photos to post soon!) In conjunction, they released the very first teaser for the show... which you can watch RIGHT NOW!

Also, head over to Sky - or to their brand-new Tumblr page if Tumblr is your bag, and follow them! - and check out their extended show reel, which includes more clips from The Smoke as well as their other upcoming dramas. (Most of which, it must be said, look flipping outstanding. Speaking of Tumblr, DanRad and Jon Hamm in the same show is probably going to break it. Bwahaha.)

Sound off in the comments with your reaction to the first footage! I'm probably more excited about this than anything Jamie's done in a while; seriously, every one of my buttons just got pushed. I wish there was a little more of Jodie in the teasers, but overall I can't complain. (The "I know I'm an ugly bastard" line is endearing isn't it? Nice try, Bamberpants. ;) )

And oh heck, have some more screen captures behind the cut...




(Click all images to enlarge)

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