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The First Evil

'Battlestar Galactica' Event in Los Angeles

Quick update since I should be at work right now. ;) wisteria_ has kindly tracked down photos and posted some larger versions HERE. And here is the main thread of discussion at the SciFI board. The first 20 pages or so include people, prior to the event, phoning in to one of the board members who kindly posted what they had to say about arrivals, the screening and such. Later there are some brief reports as to what was said during the Q&A and many mentions of Jamie (who was quite the comedian last night :). Hopefully, we'll get more detailed information as the day progresses. Better yet, perhaps SciFi will put something up.

ETA: TV Squad has a good recap of the event including moments I haven't seen mentioned at the SciFi thread yet. They'll also have a more detailed report later including the after party.
Tags: event: battlestar galactica, photos: bsg event, tv: battlestar galactica

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