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News Round-up: NZ Appearance, New BBC Radio Play + 'Monday Mornings' UK Site

Untitled-1Bit of a news round-up, starting with great news for those in New Zealand (or near), here's your Christmas present: Jamie is doing another "An Evening With" appearance, this time as part of Armageddon Expo in Auckland on 20 December. You can book tickets now right here!  (Also, you and the Germans can start giving us some pointers on exactly how we can manage to book one of these solo shindigs here in the States!)

Next, some new material for us all to enjoy: Admittedly, when the link turned up at first I thought it was another play Jamie recorded ages ago getting another go-round on BBC Radio but then I noticed that in the description, it lists first broadcast as this past Sunday. So maybe he recorded it over the summer while in London for The Smoke?! Sneaky. ;)  Anyway, here it is:

You Never Can Tell by George Bernard Shaw: Listen Again @ BBC Radio 3
A starry cast in George Bernard Shaw's dazzling romantic comedy from 1897, in a new production directed by Martin Jarvis. The play follows a battle of the sexes beside the seaside, with marital mayhem and social strategy. The last in three classic plays in Drama on 3 that explore the changing role of women at the end of the nineteenth century. Shaw pokes fun at many of the progressive ideas he truly advocated.
Valentine ..... Jamie Bamber
William ..... Ian Ogilvy
Fergus Crampton ..... Christopher Neame
Finch McComas ..... Adam Godley
Mrs Clandon ..... Rosalind Ayres
Gloria Clandon ..... Sophie Winkleman
Dolly Clandon ..... Moira Quirk
Phillip Clandon .... Matthew Wolf
Boon QC ..... Julian Holloway
Jessie ..... Paula Jane Newman
Jo ..... Darren Richardson

It'll be available to stream for the rest of this week at BBC Radio 3's website, so listen in while you can folks.

And lastly, for our UK followers who still haven't seen Monday Mornings: Fox UK's website for the show, with upcoming episode airdates and more, is now live. It premieres 21 October at 9pm!
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