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Radio Times 'The Smoke' Piece + Jamie Interview & New Sky 1 Promo
A HUGE thank you thank you to our intrepid UK correspondent anteros_lmc for finding and scanning this week's Radio Times piece on The Smoke, with a sidebar interview with Jamie!

Click on the scans below to read each one; Jamie's interview includes fun insights about ALL THAT ACTUAL SMOKE, flame retardant underpants, and how Kerry kind of went all a-titter when she saw him in his fireman's gear for the first time. (As is only natural, innit, Missus? *high-five* ;) )

(Click to enlarge)

Thanks too to Jamie's The Smoke co-star Sam Gittins for the heads up. :)

Meanwhile, there's a new Sky 1 Promo on their website for the programs coming up this Fall, of which The Smoke is one (of course); there really isn't too much new footage, but it's a great promo and it's so nice to see a network promoting their upcoming stuff this early on, so give it a look.

Click lovely Kev and his Smirky McSmirk face (is he on the toilet, as well?! Oh show, you're ALREADY killing me) to head over to Sky 1 to watch!:

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