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Jamie Bamber & Cast of 'The Smoke': Publicity, Episodic & Behind the Scenes Stills

(click to enlarge / © Matt Holyoak Productions for Sky 1)

Air date?! Nooo, still TBA. (I can tell you it's definitely in the second half of February; the first two weeks' Sky schedules are out and it ain't there. ;) ) But what we DO have is a pretty great grip of new promotional stills from The Smoke! (UPDATE (1/28): Couple more just went up, we've added them!)

Check out several publicity shots of Jamie, plus some behind the scenes images and some promo stills from Episode One below.  For even more images of Jamie's co-stars and behind the scenes stuff (FIREFIREFIRE), head to this link.

Publicity Stills (all images © Matt Holyoak Productions for Sky 1):

Promotional Stills: Episode 1:

( Above: © Ollie Upton / Sky 1)

(Above: © Des Willie / Sky 1)

Behind the Scenes (all images © Ollie Upton / Sky 1):

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