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'The Smoke': Interviews, Interviews and More Interviews

With the debut of The Smoke just days away ( Insert: EEEEEEEE!!! :D ), the publicity push is on. Below are audio, video and print interviews with the cast and writer. I'm going to do a general mild to moderate (I feel like I'm giving a weather report ;) spoiler warning on Jamie and Jodie's interviews. Basically, if you've seen/read enough of them, you, too, have probably sussed out a few things.

Jamie Bamber Audio Interview - Direct Link

Pippa Bennett-Warner Talks Ziggy - Direct Link

David Walmsley Interview - Direct Link

Jodie Whittaker Talks 'The Smoke' - Direct Link

Gerard Kearns Talks Little Al - Direct Link

Digital Spy reports on This Week's Must-See TV: 5 Shows You Shouldn't Miss and talks with Jamie and Jodie. Since the embed code is acting wonky on LJ, you'll need to go to the site and check out the video.

What's On TV talks with Jodie and the London Evening Standard interviews the show's writer Lucy Kirkwood.
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