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'The Smoke' Sizzle Reel, Episode 2 Clip + Jamie Bamber, Jodie Whittaker & Lucy Kirkwood interviews

There's more where THAT came from, folks: Sky just posted a sizzle reel for the rest of the series of The Smoke, and holy hell it's a good'un. Hit play above and don't flail so hard that you fall out of your chair! (I totally don't speak from experience on this point. At all. Ahem.)

Meanwhile, they've also posted a clip featuring Jamie and Taron Egerton mid-rescue from Episode Two:

And while you're here, DO watch this interview clip w/ Jamie and Jodie being ten different shades of adorable. (Warning: The "oh FFS DIMPLES, hngh!" rating on this clip is extremely high. ;) )

In the meantime, there are a LOT of press links (Incl. some spoilery reviews) bouncing around, the best ones of which we've tried to round up thru Twitter. Everyone should read this terrific piece Lucy Kirkwood wrote for The Independent, though, on the process of making the show and why she chose to tell this story...

Chimerica writer Lucy Kirkwood on first TV drama The Smoke
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