The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

'The Smoke' Episode 6 SPOILER Discussion Thread

Well, another fabulous episode. Or so I'm guessing. Haven't actually seen it yet since I'm at work and live in the eastern time zone and the show doesn't actually air that's ever stopped me. ;) But all of you should click on the comment button and share your thoughts in about thirty minutes or so. zegeekgirl is away on business this weekend and see previous comment regarding my delayed viewing, but we'll chime in as soon as we can.

And if any of you want to see another series of The Smoke...wait, what am I saying? You ALL do! And you happen to have a Twitter account, we've helped start a little campaign to let Sky know how much we want the show to stick around. Tweet @TheSmokeOnSky and @Sky1 and use the hashtag #TheSmokeSeries2 :)
Tags: tv: the smoke

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