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'The Smoke' Episode 6 SPOILER Discussion Thread
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: April 5th, 2014 07:25 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
As for Taron, his "I want my mom" nearly killed me. I sometimes forget he is just a kid and while he should not easily be forgiven for his actions (or lack of during the fire), when you consider he is just out of his teens (if that), the choices he made make more sense.

YES. That tore me up, as well as Jodie's wonderful reaction when Trish's anger subsides and she comes to the exact same realization.

Given that his deadbeat dad has been in jail most of his life and his only other male companion most of the time is a best friend who is a delinquent psychopath, then absolutely, Dennis's gauge for making good choices has been skewed. Clearly, Kelly is a good woman and she has tried to steer him straight against powerful counter-influences; their bond is obviously so strong. But you really see now how that scene in 1x04 when she came to Kev's office to talk to him was important. Dennis needs someone to look up to who is responsible, caring and honorable. And Kev is all of those things, although therein lies the rub... right now, he himself is struggling to be that man as a result of a situation Dennis caused. He needs an influence which can be open-hearted and forgiving, and the question is in that moment, how forgiving can Kev find it in himself to be?

Daaaamn, Lucy Kirkwood, your Moebius strip of an emotional through line is killing me. In the best way. :D

I really appreciated Little Al calling him on his behavior and telling him that a sincere apology to ALL of them would help matters. Mal only seems to see things from his POV and how it affects him.

I'll get into the Mal angle a little bit more when I jump into my Episode 7 comments. ;) But absolutely, that was the BEST development of Little Al's plotline this episode. I appreciated the revelation that though she's the "responsible" one with the white collar job, clearly Tina is also struggling with keeping a full-time job and her mom duties going; it is true to what so many women who are trying to establish a career when they already have a family go through. And I felt like the way that she and Al come to the realization that, OK they have a lot to work on in their own relationship but maybe for the sake of their kid they can be nicer to each other and try harder... that was lovely. So coming from the guy who just had a major life revelation, Mal getting a "stop being a fucking drama queen and sort your life out" knock-back was ace. :D

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