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'The Smoke' Episode 6 SPOILER Discussion Thread
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: April 6th, 2014 03:58 am (UTC) (Link Me)
Okay, other things I didn't mention! ;)

Dennis' complete stone face when Mal tells the group he's transferring. And?... XD

The scene with Rosa was just perfect, up in the roof garden in the sunshine when everything associated with the estate has been full of darkness and shadows. "You have to forgive, it sets you free..... and I just, I wanna smack 'em." What a moment of "Aww, so this scene is setting up...oh, WAIT A MINUTE" before what comes later.

One thing that didn't quite ring true to me was how quickly and immediately Kev's rage started to boil when he first confronted Dennis after talking to Rosa; he stormed in there *convinced* he'd been had, that there hadn't been some kind of misunderstanding. Which given where we were with the two of them at the end of the last episode (pretty much bosom comrades)... I suppose because he's already on edge because of the anniversary? Still, I dunno, seemed like maybe Kev would start out a little bit more confused and giving Dennis the benefit of the doubt before he gets hammered with the truth. (Which isn't to say Jamie didn't play that anger terrifically.)

Silly funny thing that struck me when Trish was talking about going out with Grace and her mum for the first time: Unfortunately Kev started to zone out and see Head!Shrink Pauline at the same time and the disorienting ringing drowned out a lot of Jodie's dialogue. But Trish mentioned something in there about the Hammers, which isn't surprising giving the setting. But it DID give me a daft, fangirly thought: If Matt Devlin were actually, literally Ronnie Brooks' son... he'd basically be Kev Allison, wouldn't he? Think about that a minute. See what I mean? ;)

I'm really wondering if with one more episode we'll get any specific confirmation of this, though in the larger picture it doesn't matter. But did anyone else get the impression that Dennis' dad was going on about Spain because he's already violated his parole and he's got to book?

Again, will have more to say about the Billy/Nina subplot when I get to my Ep. 7 comments but I was so happy to see Emily Woof turn up as Nina. She's an actress I've always liked a lot.
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