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'The Smoke': Episode 7 SPOILER Discussion Thread
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From: genesgal Date: April 3rd, 2014 10:45 pm (UTC) (Link Me)



I've been in that tunnel numerous times, horrid narrow , congested. Staggering that they didn't really use the real tunnel. Props people did a fantastic job.

History lesson from Billy, nice touch and a bit of info I didn't know!

Trish not getting on with Grace

Kev meeting Grace...sniff

Kev's hand on the car window , mirroring Trish. no need for words.. The look said it all..

Asbo , Ziggy.. Heroe's

Bang, fire, explosions...how did they do that, movie worthy... Heart pounding!

Kev and Mal working together!

"Do what you need to but you've got half the time you thought you had!"

Asbo.. "I'll find her"....hero

Trish.."I'm sorry, I love you"

Mal "come on Guv, if the rookie can get through, so can we"

Heroes through the flames moment!

Kev finding Asbo in the smoke, and leaving him there to die,

Kev going back for Asbo and giving him the spare oxygen

Asbo in tears over not finding Trish.... Sniff

Kev running out of air, collapsing.... Noooooooo

Where's Trish?

Ziggy washing the grime off her hands

Kev in a hospital bed looking so vulnerable

Such a sad moment with the nurse, relating to the student nurse story Kev tells to Miss Pincham but this time the nurse pities him when she reads his notes and he knows she does. A beautifully sad scene, played the way Jamie plays them. Tear inducing to the hardest heart.

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