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'The Smoke': Episode 8 SPOILER Discussion Thread
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: April 13th, 2014 09:00 pm (UTC) (Link Me)

So then... Kev. God dammit. :( We discussed this a little back when it was definitively revealed that Pauline wasn't real, but moving forward if there's a second series it is absolutely clear now... he needs an actual psychologist. He needs HELP. I don't think he's crazy, and I think a lot of the decisions he's made when he was lucid the past few eps (esp. with Trish) were sound, but he's still got a hefty dose of PTSD that he needs to sort out. Jamie is so completely heartbreaking and wonderful in that moment just after Kev realizes he's taken the fire engine instead... on the phone to Trish, and the look on his face and catch in his voice, and he's confused and scared but he thinks he's got a handle on it. Shouldn't he have a handle on it? Everything's alright... it's over. Isn't it?

I'm actually quite impressed that, given how she was really only introduced in the last two episodes, the parallel between Rosa and Kev being so damaged that they ultimately, though without premeditation, come together to rid themselves of their demon in the most extreme way... it's strongly written, and also really really disturbing. On the surface there IS so much joy and hope in that last scene with Kev and Trish at the beach, such that it's kind of a gut-punch the way Trish initially says Kev is scaring her but then her anxiety melts away and she just assumes he's being daft because he's so happy he's finally going to get on with his life... well, yes. But at what cost? (I wouldn't bet against Pauline turning up again, although I'd probably bet more on us seeing gruesome burn-scarred Gog as the monkey on his back next series, too. Kev was actually right about being a good man, and not a heartless thug; he's going to try and move forward but that guilt will eat away at him.)

And dammit, all that we'd achieved between Kev and Dennis and it gets shot to hell. (Note, again, how when he's panicky and shouty Kev goes right back to calling him Asbo at the end there.) This is our big mystery, our big emotional thread of a second series if we get one: If either Rosa's or Kev's involvement in this fire comes to light, what will Dennis do? Now that he has been accepted into White Watch's ranks, he doesn't really need the Guv in his corner advocating that he be treated like a member of the family. Given what Kev's just done, the image Dennis has built of him as a role model in his head has been knocked down several pegs. (Mind you, I do see a way for LK to write this such that the relationship will be repaired, if/when Dennis realizes exactly how intense Kev's PTSD is.)

So much wonderful writing, despite some choices that I think don't work as well as they were intended and several characterizations that need more context. But I've enjoyed this series SO much. Really hoping we get to see more of it, and that we can actually see Jamie really negotiate Kev's way out of darkness. (It'll be a bit of a crusher if we're left with him still somewhat adrift. But at least he has Trish. <3 *sniffle*)
anteros_lmc From: anteros_lmc Date: April 13th, 2014 09:45 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
I did rather love Julia saying she told Kev to come later and Trish immediately insisting he come NOW. And coughing and spluttering and ruining a make-up snog in her scuzzy jim jams. Oh how I love you, Whittaker. She's just the best.
I loved that scene too! When Trish started coughing and spluttering and Kev half laughed and said "Are you all right?" It was just perfect!

we don't know many details about whatever else Gog has done in the past that made everyone on that estate so terrified they wouldn't speak up
I agree. I can't help agreeing that Gog was a bit underwritten. Sam Gittens was excellent, but he wasn't given much to go on.

Note, again, how when he's panicky and shouty Kev goes right back to calling him Asbo at the end there.
I noticed that too. There's so much to pick up there. I really hope there will be another series so that LK can explore that relationship.

Hope your crappy month is over and this month will be a better one for you :}
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