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New BBC Radio Play 'Ring For Jeeves' + 'The Smoke' DVD Update (& NEW SPOILERS)

So as some may have noticed over the weekend (via us or more importantly, via Jamie - well done, JB ;) - on Twitter), a new BBC radio drama that Jamie's in went out on Sunday. First of two parts, anyway; part two airs next week!:
(Available to stream now through April 26)

It's an adaptation of a Jeeves & Wooster novel that happens not to feature Wooster; Jamie's character is basically Not-Wooster and he's delightful. ;)  Great cast too including Rufus Sewell (phoar), Glenne Headley and Joanne Whalley.

I'll update this post with the link to Part 2 when it goes live!

In other news, just a reminder for everyone who hasn't had an opportunity to see the show that The Smoke Series 1 is available on DVD now! Here, once again, are some links where you can buy it (FYI for U.S. folks, it'll run you about $24-$27 with the conversion rate):

Acorn DVD (the distributor)

I received mine Friday and immediately dove into the extra features; there's not a ton but there's some fun behind the scenes stuff we haven't seen yet, and virtually all of the cast and crew interviews are different than what's already been released on YouTube and such by Sky so that's GREAT!  (I would warn anyone who hasn't seen the show yet, though, NOT to watch the extras until you've watched all the episodes. Lots of spoilers, best watch the extras last.)

EDIT: Well, some unfortunate news to report that has just been discovered:  It seems like whoever was in charge of music clearances for the show didn't bother to extend that to home video release.  So ALL of the pop music in the show is missing on the DVD release, including most notably the Adele sing-along in episode 1 which is now replaced with more general shots of the crew laughing in the back seat before and after Kev talks to Trish on the phone.  No, it's not as crucial as having whole scenes missing but it takes a lot away from the tone and feel of the show for all the songs to be replaced with generic stuff. Disappointing, especially for anyone who hasn't seen the show yet. :(
Speaking of spoilers, though, I'm going to put some interesting information from one of the extras behind a cut below… if you haven't seen the show, don't click this!  But those who have seen the show will find it interesting:

In Jodie Whittaker's interview, she speaks about Trish's past to an extent that goes a bit further than what we found out in the series. For example, she mentions her being from a particular part of Yorkshire (which escapes me now, I'll have to back and watch again) where drugs and alcoholism are common issues. But she also details the circumstances behind Trish's conviction which was hinted at in Episode 5: She fought back against her abusive baby daddy. Jodie doesn't specify what she did to him, but she does include the revelation that Trish did six months in jail for it. So it must have been pretty serious. Whoa.

So… yeah, no idea if that is info that was at one point in the show and was edited out, or if it was simply part of Trish's character background which LK wrote and discussed with Jodie but didn't actually include in the scripts.  I would imagine that a lot of discussion went on w/ the cast about the characters' back stories that wasn't necessarily in the show (and for example, for Mal and Gog specifically, I think the show could have used a little more of it on screen!)  But if we're lucky enough to get a second series, it'll be interesting to see what else comes to light.  Kev knows about Grace now and clearly wants to embrace her as Trish's daughter, but he still doesn't know about the prison stint I bet. (Not that I can imagine he'd hold it against Trish for one second for defending herself.)

Spoilers over.  Carry on as you were. ;)  (Although if you want to discuss those spoilers in the comments, please CLEARLY mark them. Thanks!
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