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'The Smoke' Not Returning for a Second Series
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From: genesgal Date: April 27th, 2014 09:20 am (UTC) (Link Me)
This is such a short sighted , moronic decision. The Smoke performed better than other shows in this time slot. In the UK Thursdays at 9pm there is a great deal of competition for viewers. Not everyone has Sky1. Lots of the freeview or terrestrial channels also have decent programmes on at that time.
I'm so pissed that Sky left it to the very last minute to let the cast know they don't have a job. Even Jamie with all his experience I'd how TV companies work, thought that Sky wouldn't be so cruel as to wait until the last minute to sack them. Bless him, even though it had taken him away from His family, he was so keen to do another series of it.
For me this has been the best Jamie's ever been. A spellbinding, nuanced performance, with such heart. He made me laugh, cry ( lots) and gasp. Can only imagine how wonderful he'd of been showing us Kev's journey. A court case, loss of his job, change of dynamic with Asbo, copious therapy sessions etc.
God I hate Sky at the moment!

It's so bloody annoying to fall for a character then have them "killed" off. Kev was such a lovely bloke. Mega flawed ( not surprising after all he'd gone through) but so interesting and real. The last time I felt this bad was Mal Reynolds and Firefly getting axed ( still bare a grudge over that )

I for one am going to boycott Sky on Thursday at 9pm.

Can't we start a campaign to boycott them unless they renew it!
zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: April 27th, 2014 03:56 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Networks tend not to respond very well to boycott responses when fans are disappointed about stuff like this; if there's some attempt to keep it positive, results can be better. And actually, it's probably Kudos in this case who would be the ones to spearhead finding a way to continue the show now that Sky have dumped it. Problem is, with the cast released from their contracts now it would be that much harder to regroup everyone.

A lot of people on Twitter were citing the rescue of Ripper Street as a recent success story. There are SO many factors that go into decisions like these though, and it's important to point out that Amazon are the ones who really stepped up to ensure that show continued, not the BBC. It would be lovely if Kudos could get an online partner interested in underwriting new episodes of The Smoke, but again there are factors to consider. (Ripper Street also had the advantage of having already been introduced to a U.S. audience via BBC America; The Smoke hasn't been picked up for U.S. distribution yet.)

(p.s. I get that "killed" is in quotation marks, but remember Jamie's characters have a bad habit of actually dying... let's at least celebrate that Kev didn't! ;) )

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