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'The Smoke' Not Returning for a Second Series
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From: genesgal Date: April 27th, 2014 09:37 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Curious that Sky changed the wording on their statement.!

I appreciate ITV have played silly buggers with LOUK but at this juncture I don't care which TV company takes the show on as long as the cast an writer(s) remain the same. I totally agree that as riveting as the big set pieces were, the personal, character driven side of the show was what I enjoyed the most. So I really wouldn't care if there was less action. Ell they could even get Kev pensioned off from the LFB, because of his PST, and just concentrate on him and Trish.
Although I loved all the characters for me, Jamie's portrayal of Kev was the reason I got hooked on the show, and this was without realising what had happened in the fire as I'd missed the first five minutes. Kev was real to me by the end of the RTC rescue. Not many characters or show grab my attention so thoroughly. Utterly gutted that we won't get to see more of his life.

For as upset as we all are, we have to remember that to us it was eight hrs of TV. To Jamie and everyone involved it was 6months (or more) of their lives. From Jamie and Kerry's tweets, they were expecting a 2nd series, and even talking about the whole family coming to the UK. It shows how badly things were handled that even with his experience of TV decisions, Evan Jamie was side swiped by the answer. Feel so badly for all involved in the show apart from the exec who canned it at te 11th hr!it.... I cannot even express what I'd like to do to them but it wouldn't be pleasant!
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