Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

'Battlestar Galactica' Miniseries at LA Times Hero Complex Festival, May 30th

Anyone in Southern California (or near-abouts), take note - we tweeted this out yesterday but it goes on sale to the public in a little more than half an hour!  Jamie is part of Hero Complex's BSG screening and Q&A this year:


LA TIMES HERO COMPLEX FILM FESTIVAL <--- (Follow link for ticket info)

Battlestar Galactica –
The Original Miniseries

7 PM
10th Anniversary Fan Event FREE
Special guests: Writer/producer
Ronald D. Moore and actors
Edward James Olmos, Mary
McDonnell and Jamie Bamber

Please note, anyone who is going to log in for tickets – they're free, but they will go fast!  And they always overbook these Hero Complex festival screenings so tickets don't guarantee your admission; make sure to get there a couple of hours early at least to scope out the line and make sure you've got a good spot in the queue. ;)
Tags: event: battlestar galactica

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