Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

Jamie Bamber Supanova Expo Sydney Panel (AUDIO) + Photos


Okay folks, we only have audio of Jamie's convention panel this time.... but it's REALLY GOOD audio! Many, many thanks to our anonymous friend who recorded this for us! And there are some quite interesting moments this time around, particularly some good stories about Band of Brothers and a little bit of theater discussion. (dramaturgca and I are all fired up about Jamie as Cassius now. YES. THAT. Beautiful, charming, WILL STAB EVERYONE IN THE FACE. That needs to happen. XD)

Stream, stream, stream away...

In the meantime, we haven't had a ton of great pics out of this show. (There are a lot of fan photos on Twitter, but as is our norm, not terribly comfortable swiping other people's photo ops; they are a bit personal.) But the official pic is above, and the fabulous Ming-Na Wen shared this one on Twitter. (We may have enthusiastically responded with the notion that Jamie really ought to get some quality guest work out of Agents of SHIELD. Maybe. I dunno. ;) )...

Tags: audio, australia, convention, jamie bamber, panel, photos, supanova expo, sydney

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