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BSG All Access Event Part IV

galacticanews has a great roundup of links, but I think we've managed to hit upon all the significant Jamie coverage. I'm done hunting stuff down, but if anyone comes across anything - post away!

All the links contain some very general information about the two hour BSG film, 'Razor'. I put an additional spoiler warning on one link.

Televisionary - They Have a Plan: The Battlestar Galactica All Access Event

Ain't It Cool News Recap

Part 2 of the Zap2It coverage including a pretty thorough recap of the Q&A. I have to point out one of my favorite comments by Jamie:

"There have been times that I've gone to the fansites with trepidation about what I might find there, but I've learned so much. Thank god for you guys, you help complete the creative process."

OK, I'm telling myself he's looked here at least once. ;)

Video interview with Jamie at - Here's the additional spoiler warning. He makes some general comments about Lee's future and since some people want to know nothing I figured I'd point this out.

Also, the script he wrote and pitched to Ron and David is not happening, darn it. They aren't going to let him write or direct. If you watch the video you'll see he quickly tried to move on from the subject. This would have been a great opportunity to branch out and who knows when he'll get another chance, but assuming the ep was a standalone and there aren't going to be any "fillers" this season I can see why it can't happen.

And I'm linking this interview at with Mary since Jamie is in the background the entire time. :)
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