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Martian Hari

Reading Rainbow Live w/ BSG: Photo Gallery & Video Upcoming

Sorry for the delay getting this up; asta77 is still here visiting and we've been out and about last night and today. :)  We were very lucky to be able to attend the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter live event with the BSG cast yesterday at the YouTube studio space in L.A., along with our pal dramaturgca (She and I had actually backed the RR Kickstarter once already before the BSG event was announced; we sort of acted impulsively not knowing at the time when the date for the show would be, but hey... it's an amazing cause that means a lot to both of us. Luckily it panned out that asta77 was able to fly out and take our third ticket!)

Jamie, EJO, Katee, Tricia, Trucco and last-minute add James Callis were the cast members participating, and of course the ever-delightful LeVar Burton. They read two kids' books to a group of about 20-25 kids (some of whom provided some pretty great entertainment all their own; the highlight might have been one little girl who raised her hand to ask a question only to state "I'm going to have a baby brother!" XD); followed by a Q&A and a short meet & greet. A really amazing afternoon all around!

asta77 took some pretty terrific photos, which we did manage to upload last night after we got back from dinner. The good news, as we understand it, too is that there WILL be video from the event available online, sometime near the end of the month. We'll keep an eye out and get another post up as soon as that happened... but in the meantime, here are a few more shots behind the cut; you can see all the ones we uploaded HERE.

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