The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Discussion Thread for NCIS Episode 12x09: "Grounded"


Hello All! It's finally here! Jamie's NCIS debut! I've heard this show's been around awhile and is kind of popular so I'm expecting good things, including Jamie gaining a few more fans. I've already told a friend of mine not familiar with Jamie to keep an eye on Bishop's husband. ;)

Please come back after the show and share your thoughts. As zegeekgirl mentioned earlier, Jamie is due back on the NCIS set soon to reprise his role and there may be some additional appearances after that so we are eager to read what you all think.

And there seems to be an NCIS/BSG trend on CBS tonight: Jamie's former co-star, Dean Stockwell, will be guest starring on NCIS: New Orleans. OK, CBS is promoting it as a Quantum Leap reunion with Scott Bakula, but, still! :)
Tags: 12x09, eleanor bishop, emily wickersham, guest appearance, jake malloy, jamie bamber, leroy gibbs, mark harmon, michael weatherly, ncis, tony dinozzo, tv: guest starring roles

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