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Jamie Bamber Starring in the Film 'Numb'

Last week, we saw some Twitter chatter indicating Jamie was to be in a new film entitled Numb. With not much to report beyond the title and filming set to begin in British Columbia, we opted to hold off posting until we knew more. So what we know as of Day 2 of the eighteen day shoot?

Numb doesn't have an official site, yet, but the production company, Jenkinson/Goode Productions, has some information on it's Percolating Page including a brief synopsis of the film:

When a debt-ridden couple discover a map that promises to lead to a fortune in stolen gold they partner with a pair of mysterious hitchhikers to enter the remote winter wilderness and recover the coins.

Starring alongside Jamie are some faces that are likely familiar to genre fans: Marie Avgeropolous and Aleks Paunovic from The 100 and Stargate franchise vets Colin Cunningham and Paul McGillion. On a side note, given how many BSG actors have appeared on The 100, Jamie should have stories to share with his new co-stars. ;)

If you want daily updates - and, thus far, they are doing a really good job of posting photos from set - here are some accounts to follow:

On Twitter: @Numb_movie and director Jason Goode, @JasonRGoode
On Facebook: Numb

And speaking of on set photos! We shall close we a couple featuring Jamie from the first day of filming. Hopefully, we'll have more details soon, including the official press release.

Numb Day 1

Numb Day 1 bts

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Liliya_Ms From: Liliya_Ms Date: February 22nd, 2015 06:14 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Great news: BSG-reunion, the main role in an interesting project and fascinating travel into the mountains)))

...Does this mean that Jamie is not involved in the season of pilots ?
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Edited at 2015-02-22 06:15 pm (UTC)
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