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Jamie Bamber to Guest on 'Major Crimes'! Plus New Movie News, More...

Admittedly, we could have posted earlier with some of this but we were waiting to see if any additional pics or, hopefully, videos turned up from Jamie's appearance at Omaha Comic-Con this past weekend. No video! (yet), but a couple of panel pics you see above turned up on Instagram.

— It's a good thing we waited though as some VERY fun news just hit tonight: Jamie will be guest-starring on Madame President's turf! ;)  Both MajorCrimesTV and Mary McDonnell herself tweeted about it tonight: Jamie will appear in Major Crimes' third episode of Season 4, scheduled to air June 22nd; he'll play "a pompous celebrity photographer with boundary issues" (*snerk*) according to MajorCrimesTV, although they mention an episode description they don't list all of it. (The episode descrip is NOT on Turner's press site yet, so we don't know the episode title or any other info. More as we get it!)

— In addition to that TV scoop, things are afoot in The Messengers land; although the show has been officially cancelled by The CW, all 13 episodes will air and Jamie's debut as Vincent Plowman is coming up. When, though, exactly, remains... somewhat confusing. Jamie and Riley Smith, who plays his brother, don't turn up on any of the episode press releases until the one for 1x10, entitled "Why We Fight" which is set to air on June 19th. However, showrunner Eoghan O'Donnell tweeted this out:

...sooooo? (Actually TBH, the photos released for this Friday's episode kind of contain a hint as to what this "sneak peek" might entail, if you've read the character descrips. i.e. it's not huge, but still. Once we get actual pics, we'll post.)

— Lastly, in the lead up to his con appearance last week, Jamie was shooting yet another role in an indie feature; this time it's a film called Modern Love which, according to director Nathan Ives, "follows five couples, all staying in the same hotel, around Christmas." And that's about all we know at this point, other than Jamie's storyline is with actress Linda Park. (Jamie - SHOCKER! - has tweeted nothing so far. ;) ) The film also features Ross McCall, Tracie Thoms, Lee Meriweather (OMFG CATWOMAN!!) and others. Oh, and we DO have a couple of pics from set:

(Both photos by Nathan Ives)
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