roadrunnerdm (roadrunnerdm) wrote in jamiebambernews,

"Shifting Sands" on DVD

Are you interested in purchasing a DVD of Jamie's very first acting venture on film?

Anita, over at the Jamie Bamber Forum, has been in contact with Simon Birkhead, Jamie's classmate who directed and produced "Shifting Sands" as a student film back during Jamie's days at college. He has received some requests for DVD copies of the film, but not yet enough to order a run.

At this point there is no projected date for the availability, nor even a set price, though because it is a limited run it is expected to be on the expensive side. For now, we're just trying to get a head-count of interested buyers that can be passed along to Mr. Birkhead.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this DVD, you can post to the thread at the Bamber Forum, or add your comment here and I'll pass the count along.
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