roadrunnerdm (roadrunnerdm) wrote in jamiebambernews,

"Shifting Sands" - You can now place your orders

I hate to start yet another thread on the subject, but I didn't want to just include this info among the comments down below where some folks might miss it.

Mr. Birkenhead is apparently sufficiently satisfied with the estimated head count that he is now asking all interested parties to contact him directly by email at and provide him with the following information.

What version they want PAL (Europe and Australia) or NTSC (North America)
Understanding the price will be 25 pounds or 50 dollars

This will be the same DVD version as what was briefly made available a few years ago, including the outtakes. Exact price and date of availability, as well as shipping costs, are still TBD. Payment will be made via PayPal to Mr Birkenhead, instructions for which will probably be sent by Mr. Birkenhead himself to those who contact him with their ordering requests.

So, there's no more need for the middleman...or the process anymore. Everyone should now place their orders directly to the source.

Thanks All!

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