The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Jamie Shooting A Film

OK, I'm back from Dragon*Con and have much to share, unfortunately I am exhausted and news and pics and links will need to wait a day or two. I promise, I have some good stuff. Let me just say though that as awesome as I thought Jamie was before, he seems even more awesome now.

I do have one quick bit of info I want to share (see subject line). Jamie did not attend the final BSG panel today and good for me since I had to bolt early to get to the airport. When he told me yesterday he wouldn't be able to attend I neglected to ask why, but Aaron Douglas shared why in the few minutes of the panel I was present for. Jamie had to fly to Shreveport, Louisiana to start work on a new film. Production is to last three weeks. Googling a bit I found a post at the SciFi Forum confirming the news (Beth, the poster, had spoken to Jamie about it) and she went on to mention it's a horror film and that he has the lead. She couldn't recall the title he mentioned, but upon further googling I did find a couple listings for Pulse II and Pulse III which begin shooting tomorrow, September 4th, and wrapping on October 26th in Shreveport. Pulse was a horror film released last year starring Kristen Bell. This is all theory on my part at this point. If anyone can find anything to support this or tell me I'm wrong, please share.

One more thing that could be related to this news. Turns out Jamie isn't very aware of his Con schedule. When I mentioned to him that he was doing quite a few this fall he said, "I am? Like where?" So, yesterday I gave him a list and he went through them one by one. As soon as he looked at the listing for the ST:TNG/Star Wars/BSG con in Sacramento he said, " I don't think I can make this one." This is not a definite cancellation, but between a movie shoot and attending Ioan Gruffud's wedding in Mexico this month (also supplied by Beth at the SciFi forum) I do believe that con appearance is iffy at best. Just want to give people who may be thinking about going a heads up. The con in Chicago he thinks he'll be able to make and he'll definitely be at the BSG con in Burbank since, "It's at home."

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