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Jamie's Film Project - Pulse 2: Afterlife

Apparently, I'm an awesome detective. The film is Pulse 2I. However, I contacted Jamie's publicist who said he doesn't really want to publicize it until he sees the finished project. Totally understandable given how often films don't turn out as the actors involved expected. So, I'm just verifying the title and leaving it at that for now.

ETA: Keep in mind he only had a few weeks to squeeze in a project during the BSG hiatus. It severely limits one's choices. And it was Kristen Bell, star of Veronica Mars, who starred in Pulse during her filming hiatus.

ETA 2: Some additional information on the Pulse films. Pulse II is also entitled Pulse: Afterlife and III is entitled Pulse: Invasion. Jamie's plays Stephen Kramer and here's a brief bio of his character:

30s, Caucasian male, quite handsome, in that classic "leading man with a history" / stricken kind of way. He is a recently divorced account exec for a large sales firm. He was Michelle's husband, until he cheated with Marta. He is the man that "let it all get away." In the post phantom world, he hides out up in his mountain lodge, behind an armored wall of sentries. He finds his child, Justine, thankfully still alive, and must protect her from the phantom of Michelle (as well as from the jealous and possessive Marta). Lead.

ETA 3: Here's a link that provides synopsis for both films. And, yes, they are direct to DVD.
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