The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

'Ultimate Force' Premiering September 25th on BBC America

For those who don't know, Ultimate Force is the series that forced Jamie to flee to the United States to look for work. OK, he perhaps hasn't used those exact words when describing the series, but he doesn't exactly speak fondly of it in interviews either. I'm actually thankful the series exists because, if not for it, he wouldn't have been in LA to audition for the role of Lee Adama.

Anyway, he appears in all six eps of Series 1 and the first two eps of Series 2 and then was released from his contract. Phew! His role as Lt. Dotsy Doheny is a thankless one, to say the least, and he is a supporting player, though I'm surprised the BBC America site isn't playing up his participation at all. And here's the schedule for the first three episodes.

I'll post another reminder on the day of the premiere. I'm actually curious to see Series 2. I wasn't able to acquire those episodes and only found a vague description as to how his character is written off the show.
Tags: tv: ultimate force

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