The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Pulse: Afterlife and Pulse: Invasion Production Information

I don't know if I should start apologizing for the spam yet. I think it's just exciting to have a non-BSG related project to talk about. Anyway, I came across this article at Louisianamovies.blogspot. It doesn't have a mention of Jamie, but Michael Leahy, one of the producers, discusses the effects technology going into the film (Jamie will largely be acting against green screen).

While I'm not deluding myself that these films are going to be awesome, I have to say, that between this article, reading up a bit on the production company, Neo Art & Logic, and seeing that director/writer Joel Soisson has quite the history in direct to DVD horror films, I'm feeling more positive about the Pulse productions. And let's not forget Johnny Depp starred in A Nightmare on Elm Street. ;)

I also found that Georgina Rylance is co-starring as, I think, the ex-wife. Another British actor with respectable training and credentials.
Tags: film: pulse 2

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