The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Dragon Con Links

So, I *finally* managed to type up my Dragon Con BSG/Jamie post. Sometime in the near future I hope to have the audio recordings I made posted, but since there is video available which is much more awesome I shall provide links to that.

Check out the Bamber Bunnies DC page for video and their interview with Jamie.

wisteria_ also uploaded video. Hey, it's from a different angle.

Here are some more video links via Google.

For photos, again, check out the Bamber Bunnies site.

And this gallery by Kristen Schlicht.

If you are looking for icons, phdelicious has some HERE

And I stumbled across this five minute interview. Be ready to cringe though, the interviewer asks Jamie what it was like to gain and lose all that weight in Season 3.
Tags: convention: dragon con
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