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Even More Photos of Jamie at the Scream 2007!

I think we hit the mother load with this event. ;) This time the photos are courtesy of a site called Contact Music. Unfortunately, their organization of the photos doesn't seem to be the best, but they seem to start on Page 119. And I think I found all the photos of Jamie:

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo with Tricia 1
Photo with Tricia 2
Photo with Tricia 3
Photo with Tricia 4 (Love her fake smile :)

And perhaps the funniest pictures ever in which he models his posterior and does his Dr. Evil impersonation.

falconer17 found some images at Getty Images this weekend. Love how they have him listed as Jamie Barber. :p

The WENN Photo Library has a few photos here, here, and here. I found an enlargement of one of the images at A Socialite's Life.

By this point I'm not sure if this is a duplicate, but has a photo.

ETA: Falconer found a link on You Tube to black carpet interviews, but here's the direct link on (less likely to be pulled). Jamie appears about 2 minutes 40 seconds in and is asked about BSG. No spoilers (well, there is a very, very, very general reference to something, but if you've seen the show, no surprise). L/K shippers might enjoy his final comment.
Tags: interview: battlestar galactica, interview: video, photos: award show

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