The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Jamie at the Seattle Premiere of 'Razor'

Hopefully we will have more news (and photos) as the day progresses, but I figured I’d post what little we have now. Please feel free to link anything you come across in comments and I’ll do an update later today if it’s warranted.

bitterlatinist was lucky enough to get a few moments with Jamie at the screening. She posted her recap in comments to a previous post.

Over at the battlestar_blog, smakian posted about his experience at the premiere and meeting with Jamie. And he scored a picture! Jamie looks awesome, I cannot wait until Season 4 begins, but I am amused that he appears to be wearing the same shirt and suit that he wore to the Scream event. He will never be accused of being a close horse. ;)

Oh, and according to Jamie's comments at the screening, Battlestar Galactica goes dark this Friday. My guess is the cast will be flying home/to the Burbank Con that night or Saturday so I wouldn’t expect to see them join the writers in the picket lines on Friday.
Tags: event: battlestar galactica, tv: battlestar galactica: razor

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