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The First Evil

A Bit of Information on Factory Online

I think we have all had the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous photos posted at the Factory Online site and thanks again to falconer17 for her discovery. :) Coincidently, this weekend, I was planning on emailing the photographer, Howard Webster. I had been doing a little ebay perusing last week and happened to find several listing for photographs of Jamie, one listing even claimed it was an official photo used by his agency, and guess whose work it was? Anyway, Howard is now talking to his people about what can be done about these individuals selling his work. In the meantime, he asked if I could help put out the word not to buy these photos. We discussed a bit how crazy it was for these photos even to be for sale when he's posted so many online for people to view, download, and even print for free. He has no problem with fans doing it for private use, commercial enterprises are another matter.

I also found out that the online edition of Factory was Howard's idea and he was eager to share the full photo shoot. I checked out the pages for some of the other actors, directors, etc and Jamie does seem to be one of only a few with two photo galleries. I thanked him for his brilliant idea, several times, on behalf of us all. :)
Tags: photos: factory magazine special edition
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