The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

BSG Season 4 Clips

I know these have been making the rounds since this afternoon, but there is finally a substantial Lee clip to squee over post about. Emptyvoidness, who had access to a screener copy of the first two episodes, has been awesome enough to post brief clips for the episodes. None run over a minute, most our under twenty seconds. You can find a compilation of all the clips on his channel. The two Lee clips (thus far) can be found HERE and HERE. It's the second clip in particular that has me excited. :) Obviously, these do contain spoilers, but Emptyvoidness has been careful not to give too much away. If you clip on "more" under "About This Video" he puts the clips into context and does give away a bit more spoilage.

ETA: Emptyvoidness got a cease and desist from NBC Universal. Most of the clips have been removed now (clips of Tigh and Anders remain). However, someone at put together a compilation vid of the footage.
Tags: tv: battlestar galactica
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