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Convention Updates, Etc

With news that Jamie has signed to do Dragon*Con, I thought it might be time for a convention recap. Because I'm a cautious optimist ;), I just want to remind everyone that with the exception of Dragon*Con, all convention appearances were scheduled prior to the writer's strike and with an expectation of filming being complete for Battlestar Galactica this month. Now, it looks like the cast and crew is scheduled to begin filming again on March 24th with the show wrapping in late May or early June.

I did check some other significant cons that I know of to see if Jamie has been added. Nothing new to report, so here are scheduled appearances as of about a half hour ago.

Serenity Complete April 11th-13th in Heathrow, England. Other BSG actors in attendance: Mark Sheppard and Nicki Clyne.

Fed Con XVII April 18th-20th in Bonn, Germany. Other BSG actors in attendance: Mary McDonnell, Nicki Clyne, Leah Cairns, Steve Bacic, Mark Sheppard, and Richard Hatch.

Emerald City ComiCon May 10th and 11th in Seattle, Washington.

Dragon*Con August 29th-September 1st. Other BSG actors scheduled to appear: James Callis, Tahmoh Penikett, Leah Cairns, Aaron Douglas, and Richard Hatch. If you are even contemplating going to DC, you may want to book a hotel room now. Only one of the host hotels, the Sheraton, still has rooms available at the con rate. That may sound crazy, but DC had around 30,000 attendees last year. I've had a room reserved since November. ETA: Apparently, Katee Sackhoff has been added though it's not up on the site yet. :)

And I wanted to point out a newish community, leeadama_daily. If you are looking for Lee pics and icons, check it out. :)
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