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Pulse 2

Article on SciFi Wire ......

Bamber Feels The Pulse

Jamie Bamber, who stars in the upcoming horror sequel Pulse 2, told SCI FI Wire that the movie resembles Kramer vs. Kramer more than it does most genre fare.

The direct-to-DVD movie is a sequel to Pulse, the 2006 theatrical release that was in turn based on Kairo, a 2001 Japanese horror movie, about ghosts making their presence felt through computers and the Internet.

Bamber, who is best known as Apollo on SCI FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica, stars in Pulse 2 as a divorced father struggling to protect his young daughter (Karley Scott Collins) from the vengeful spirit of her dead mother as ghosts overrun the living world.

"I play a guy who's just trying to hold onto his kid," Bamber said in an interview at SCI FI Channel's upfront presentation to advertisers in New York on March 18. "It's sort of Kramer vs. Kramer in an apocalyptic situation. He's got a dysfunctional marriage, and it's more of an interpersonal story than it is a horror movie."

Bamber added that he shot the entire film, which was directed by Joel Soisson (The Prophecy: Forsaken), in front of green screens. "[That] was really weird," he said. "But it's not fanciful settings. It's all very concrete locations, but we shot it on green screen, which is a first, as far as I can think of, in filmmaking. There was no real reason to do everything on green screen, but we did. So I'll be intrigued to see it." Pulse 2 will be released next year.

Source: http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?category=3&id=50730
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