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More Housekeeping

Let me begin by saying how much I appreciate the feedback I've received - everything from catching typos to 'Have you thought about this?' I'm new to all this and working my way through on trial and error. Thanks for the patience. :)

A few things of note:

'The Bamber Arms' or Links Component at the left I'm utilizing to spotlight different sites, communities, or postings each month. A permanent list of significant sites is included on the Profile page. That list may change if a site is abandoned or a cool new one pops up, but it's going to be as is for the foreseeable future.

This months spotlight includes...

My favorite Czech Battlestar Galactica site. It's much cooler than the official site if you ask me. Bummer I can't read most of it. For those not in the U.S. looking for the webisodes, it might be a good place to check out. ;)

For those that don't already know Anastasia Griffith, Jamie's sister, is hosting a screening of her film Shadow of the Sword in an effort to raise money for her favorite charity. Jamie is scheduled to be at the premiere and has donated several autographed BSG items to be auctioned off there and on Ebay apparently. Her site is here.

And the Sci-Fi promotions department is apparently going all out. The posters are kind of cool, but how the heck do you print them out???

I had the issue of fanfic posting broached to me and some interesting points were raised. Ideally, this is a site for news regarding Jamie and his projects. But I think we all enjoy the creative endeavors that are inspired by his various roles. In all likelihood icons, vids, wallpapers will contain images of his characters so it seems odd to me to say yes to those, but no to fic. Feel free to disagree and offer your two cents.

However, RPF and photo manipulations are rather a hot button issue. I know they are created in good fun by most people, but some see them as an intrusion on an actor's privacy. And while I'm not a fan of either, I did not wish to impose my POV on everyone. Ultimately, I took into consideration that RPF and manips are a small part of fandom and that a larger number of people may be put off joining because of something they might come across. So I amended the rules to no RPF or manips being allowed.

Additionally in the rules to live by, I stressed posting links to any fic, icon posts, etc. rather than posting directly to the site. Common sense stuff, but, still.

Ok, the floor is now open for debate. :)
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