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FYI: Jamie will be at Fedcon in Germany

As will Mary

Translated by the awesome pennyfeline

There have been some rumors that all BSG stars will not be able to come to FedCon, because they are filming. As a matter of fact they are filming and some stars have cancelled the Starfury convention which is held one week before FedCon. We have been really out of it these past 3 weeks, because we didn't know what's gonna happen. We are somewhat known over there, but in the end no one cares about that, because filming has first priority. Last night I finally got the desired message and we are now able to announce the following. Mark Sheppard will definitley not be attending FedCon, he needs to film, Leah Cairns is still trying to find time for FedCon, BUT!

Now on to the good news: Mary McDonnell and Jamie Bamber will definitely be at FedCon, only Jamie has to fly back on Sunday afternoon, but he will still be there on Friday and Saturday. So, our main stars are confirmed, and this happened through very interesting ways. Mary McDonnell really wanted to come to FedCon, had signed her contract some weeks ago already. So she went to the studio and said more or less, that she made a commitment to the fans in Germany, and that the studio HAS to enable her to go! Jamie Bamber said the exact same thing and facing these convincing arguments, the studio eventually gave the permission last night and now we'll all be able to sleep well. And of course, Nicki Clyne and Steve Basic are confirmed as well.
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