Jay (falconer17) wrote in jamiebambernews,

FedCon XVII Picture Link Entry

OMG! the FedCon weekend was teh bomb! meeting jamie, talking to him and having my picture taken with him made the top 10 moments of my life!!!
in this entry i will post all FedCon picture links i come across and i will also add a link to my own pictures as soon as i sorted them :)
(unfortunately most of them are very blurry 'cause we weren't allowed to use flash and silly falcy forgot to bring a tripod :( )

if you have any other links to FedCon pics feat. jamie, please add them in a comment and i will update the post ASAP.

    update3: thank you silwyna! :-)
    high qualitiy pictures will soon be uploaded to:
  • fedcon-photos.de
    their full set of pictures will also be available on photo-dvd for private purpose: LINK (FedCon17 is not listed yet)
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