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TV Talk Interview with Jamie - Update - Podcast is Available for Download

The podcast should be up in the next couple hours. Jamie ended up calling in about ten minutes early and his twenty minute chat turned into 38 minutes. :) I have to confess I'm having trouble recalling about half of what he said since I spent a good chunk of the interview holding on the phone. Much of what he had to say about the show I had heard in previous interviews. bamberrific asked about the relationship between Lee and Laura this season and it's a blur to me. A couple of other individuals from the SciFi forum asked questions as well. Jamie was tight lipped about what would be happening in future episodes. I'd say the interview was spoiler free unless you consider his speaking in very general terms his shooting scenes with Katee.

My luck was mixed. Shaun said they could take one more call and that was me (though he actually took one more call after me). But Shaun asked him about Mineville right before he took my call and that's what I planned to ask about. Again, Jamie didn't share too much information. He says they are still working on financing which is partially correct. I read that the producers had gotten twenty million in financing, but part of that was based on tax breaks and other incentives for filming in New York. But now there is talk of moving to Boston. Jamie also didn't know when they would begin shooting, though I've read the start date is September 29. It's likely the film will happen, but I think Jamie is being cautious, rightfully so given the precarious nature of the film industry. He did say he is set to play a screwed up character, the mine owners son. Checking the film's site that looks to be Jonathan Weston.

So, I ended up asking about the news that broke last night about three direct to DVD films being made as soon as Season 4 wraps. Jamie doesn't know much about them at this time or what his involvement may be. Apparently, Jamie first heard about the idea months ago and Ron said he was agianst it. Recently, Ron changed his mind. And the cast was told not to talk about it. He seemed a bit thrown by the news coming out. He also mentioned that the crew in Vancouver has been told that their services will continue to be needed. Oh! And he doesn't know what the contract situation is and if he's committed to being a part of the films.

He also mentioned, after being asked by Shaun if he had any aspirations to write, direct, etc, that he and James Callis would each be directing five webisodes each next month. They'll probably air during the hiatus.

And the interview wrapped up as we heard his girls come bounding into the room. :)

The Podcast is now available for download. Jamie's interview begins at the 18:22 mark.

It's good to have technically inclined friends! meshel73 has kindly uploaded for download Jamie's portion of the interview. It can be found HERE.
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