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Jamie's Appearance at Jumpcon Cleveland

I probably should put a disclaimer on this post. The following information I cobbled together over the past several days. I have no definite answer as to whether Jamie will or will not be at Jumpcon Cleveland August 15th-17th, but I do have some concerns about the convention and I feel it’s best to mention them. Hopefully, my concerns will be unfounded and anyone who is planning to attend will get the chance to meet Jamie.

Several months ago, Jumpcon announced an extremely ambitious con schedule with guest lists large enough to rival Dragon Con. Things haven’t gone particularly smoothly. greycoupon has been trying to keep fandom abreast of what is going on in posts here and here. Some of the links in the first post may not work. Jumpcon took down their original site and created a new one, causing some confusion.

With the first Jumpcon less than two weeks a way, a ticket purchasing system that appears and disappears, the guest list being slashed by more than half, and no schedule posted, I became concerned about Jamie’s involvement in the Cleveland convention. The Cleveland page still has no information posted. This is, in part, due to the organizers finding a replacement host hotel. Jamie’s name does not appear on the guest list on the site, yet you can still buy tickets for Jamie’s appearance.

Both myself and greycoupon have asked on the Jumpcon forum if Jamie is still appearing at the convention. I was told Jamie’s name didn’t appear on the guest list, but that an inquiry would be made to see if he was still attending. Grey was told he hadn’t cancelled. The problem is, through posts on their site as well as others, it seems guests were ‘confirmed’ before the organizers had finalized arrangements with the guests. Here is one response to an inquiry about guests:

The list of celebrities and events has been worked out and will be posted very soon, however the celebrities need to be contacted first to confirm their availability and acceptance of the schedules. This will hopefully be complete by end of the day Monday...

It’s 9:30pm est Monday and there are still a lot of blank pages on the site. I just want people to be aware of what is going on. If you do plan to attend, you may wish to contact the organizers via email or the forum to get some answers. I intend to keep trying to obtain more information and, if I find out anything, I will post it here.

6/25/08 ETA: Jamie's name does not appear on the current list of attendees for the convention. However, this is not the final list.
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