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Message about Jumpcons

Many of you may recall that Jamie was scheduled to attend the Cleveland Jumpcon, but was dropped from their schedule. Jumpcon claimed Jamie had canceled, but their reasons as to why proved to be untrue. There was talk (on their site) of Jamie possibly rescheduling, but recent developments (check out jumpconcons) show that Jumpcon may soon be finished. I've been contacted by Erin Gray, who represents many of the BSG actors, to spred the word that her clients, as of right now, will not be participating in any Jumpcons. While this does not affect any of Jamie's current scheduled con appearances, it does affect the schedules of Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos and I have promised to spread the word.

Following is a statement I’ve prepared on behalf of my clients:

Edward James Olmos, Mary Mc Donnell, Nichelle Nichols, Mira Furlan, Marjean Holden, Stephen Furst, Tony Amendola and Tracy Scoggins.

It is with great disappointment, and deep regret that they find themselves in this unthinkable position of announcing that they just don’t see how Jump Con is going to happen.

For weeks all of my clients done everything in their power to accommodate Shane Senter at Jump Con, from renegotiating contracts to extending deadlines, all in the hopes of salvaging the Jump Con events. They were looking forward to attending and meeting the fans. However, at this late date, no moneys have transpired and no tickets have been sent. Unless this changes they will not be attending.

Although we were in constant communication with Jump Con, and many promises and assures were made, unfortunately, none were kept. Certainly by now, three days before the event, we’d hoped and prayed things would be rectified.

We just don’t feel it’s fair to the fans to keep silent and not let them know what has transpired, or rather not transpired.

It’s unfortunate but Jump Con events were the only events in the US that Mary and Edward were scheduled to do this year.

Edward and Mary trust the future will provide the perfect event where they can meet with fans and friends and thank them for their support. We are currently looking at other alternatives.

We send our blessings, and apologies,
Erin Gray

ETA: And Jumpcon is kaput.
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